Democratic Party Weekly Update

Monday, January 11, 2021

Dear Democrats,

It is hard to find the words to express our anger about the events in Washington on January 6. What makes it worse is the fact that our senator and representative, Cruz and Gohmert, played a leading role in unleashing what David Brooks called the “Dark specters running through our nation - beasts with shaggy manes and feral teeth. They have the stench of Know-Nothingism, the hot blood of the lynchers, and they ride the winds of nihilistic fury.”


We must continue to act. Call Cruz and Gohmert and tell them to resign. Call Cornyn and tell him to impeach Trump. Work with Indivisible to make better things happen in Washington and Austin. And work locally to register voters, run for office, vote, inform our neighbors about what Democrats believe in, and keep our momentum up.



Upcoming events in the next few weeks

1. The Nacogdoches County Democratic Party Executive Committee will meet on Monday, January 11, at 5:30pm. This will be followed by our general meeting at 6:00pm. Both meetings will be on Zoom. Hank Gilbert will talk about the recent events in Washington (and Louie Gohmert’s role) and Sue Wenner will discuss the Covid-19 response in Nacogdoches. Time: Executive Committee: 5:30pm, Monthly Meeting: 6:00pm Join using your computer: QT09 or call in (346) 248-7799, Meeting ID: 875 7757 6212, Passcode: 274580


2. CORRECTION We were in error last week, the 21/7 Association had their virtual monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 5, the first Tuesday of the month as usual. Their next meeting will be on February 2.


3. January 13 is the first day to file for the local elections listed below.


4. The Martin Luther King Jr. Day interdenominational church service, traditionally held on the Sunday before the holiday, will not be held this year due to the coronavirus epidemic. Individual churches have been encouraged to mark this day in their own individual ways.


5. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, the Office of Multicultural Affairs is encouraging students to participate in its MLK Day of Service on Monday, January 18. Modifications to the program to keep participants safe have been implemented. Here is where we come in: OMA needs site mentors to help students with service projects, offer leadership advice, and provide information about Nacogdoches. OMA also is looking for nonprofits and local residents who need assistance. For more information, or to register to be a site mentor or submit a service site, click here or contact Star Jackson at (936) 468-1073 or


6. There will be a Martin Luther King neighborhood car parade in Lufkin on Monday, January 18. Line up at 9:30am on Kelty Street at the Brandon Park, a volunteer will direct you. For more information call Carolyn Brooks at (936) 229-8341.


7. On Wednesday, January 20, Joseph Biden will become President of the United States of America and Kamala Harris will become the Vice President of the United States of America. We hope and pray for a peaceful transition and a successful four years in office.


2021 elections

Here are the positions up for election on May 1, 2021. Incumbents are in parentheses.

* In Nacogdoches, the Mayor (Shelley Brophy) and City Council positions in the North East Ward (Garth Hinze) and North West Ward (Amelia Fischer).

* Nacogdoches ISD Board of Trustee positions in District 4, Position 6 (Tyrrel C. Grohman) and District 5, Position 7 (Mindy Winslow).

* In Garrison, three at-large City Council positions (Arnie Kelley, Samantha Rogers, and Tim Wright).

* Garrison ISD, two at-large Board of Trustees positions (Bart Reneau and Jackson Sheffield).

* In Chireno the Mayor (Susan Higginbotham) and two at-large City Council positions (Ryan Hull and Anna Lisa Fowler).

* Chireno ISD, two at-large Board of Trustees positions (Dee Turner and Michael Sanford).


2022 election

In addition to the national and state offices up for election in 2022 these local and county offices are up as well: County Judge; Judge, County Court at Law; District Clerk; County Clerk; County Treasurer; County Surveyor; County Commissioner, Precincts 2 and 4; and Justice of the Peace, Precincts 1, 2, 3, and 4.


We are fortunate to have two excellent incumbents seeking re-election, Sandy McCorvey for County Commissioner in Precinct 2 and Judge Dorothy Tigner-Thompson for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2. Let’s get ready to campaign for them and all the other Democrats who will step forward.


Volunteer Deputy Registrar Classes

Volunteer Deputy Registrars are volunteers who assist people with registering to vote. In order to register voters in Nacogdoches County you must attend one of the classes given by Todd Stallings, our Elections Administrator. You must register by 1:00pm on the day before the event. You may register online at or call (936) 560-7825. You must register in advance so that they can have all of your paperwork ready for the class. All classes are held in the Courthouse Annex at 203 West Main Street, Nacogdoches.  Classes will be held on the following dates and times:

   Tuesday, January 19 - 5:30pm

   Wednesday, January 20 - 5:30pm

   Tuesday, February 23 - 5:30pm

   Thursday, February 25 - 5:30pm

We are working with the Elections Administrator to have VDR classes on Zoom as well.


Voting by mail

If you are 65 or older, disabled, out of the county, or in jail you can apply and have ballots for all of the elections in 2021 mailed to you. To apply print an Application for Ballot by Mail, fill it in, sign it, and mail it to the Early Voting Clerk, 203 West Main Street, Nacogdoches, Texas 75961. You can also call them at (936) 560-7825 and request that an application be mailed to you.


SFA Update

Spring classes started last Friday so things have picked up on campus and around town. Class will continue to be offered in face-to-face, online, livestream, hybrid, or hyflex formats. Spring break is scheduled for March 8-12. Final exams begin on Monday, May 3, and end on Friday, May 7. For more information see



Nacogdoches City Council

The Nacogdoches City Council will hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday, January 19 at 5:30pm. This will be in a hybrid format with limited in-person seating and the option for people to participate from home. In order to comment on an agenda item or speak in the open forum portion of the meeting, the public can request a call from city staff by calling the City Secretary, Jan Vinson, at (936) 559-2506. Time and speaker limits during the open forum will still be observed. The meeting will be live streamed at  

Nacogdoches County Commissioners

The Nacogdoches County Commissioners Court will meet in regular session at 9:00am on Tuesday, January 12, in the Commissioners Courtroom, Suite 170 of the Nacogdoches County Courthouse, 101 West Main Street. Recordings of meetings are posted on the county website.


NISD School Board

The NISD School Board usually meets on the third Thursday of the month. This will be January 21, although this has not been officially announced. The Executive Sessions start at 5:00pm and the Regular Sessions at 6:00pm. These will be virtual meetings using the Zoom app.. Go to their website for information about participating. . Look for notices about special meetings to discuss COVID-related actions that NISD will take.

Major holidays and events in Nacogdoches and elsewhere this year  

18 January........ Martin Luther King Jr. Day
20 January........ Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

1-28 February... Black History Month
12 February....... SFA’s seventh annual Diversity Conference
1-31 March........ National Women’s History Month
22 April.............. Earth Day
1 May................ Local Election Day

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